Monday, 21 December 2009

It sure looks snowy up there!

Snow on the mountains

I looked on the local webcam (only about a mile from the cottage) and it looked pretty snowy out there!

We will be going up in January for a visit ourselves, and to check out the facilities.

Gizmos and Moon Shadows

We do like to please people and make them feel at home, but we are still tweaking away, after our first year of sharing this beautiful place with others.

I just found a useful lantern (I kept worrying that people wouldn't bring a torch, or that ones we left would end with dead batteries, just when you need them). This is one of those handwound lanterns - not indestructible, of course, but perhaps enough for a day when a powercut happens, or the fuse blows, or you simply want to walk up the lane on a night of the new moon (you'll have no problem under a full moon on a clear night - the moon almost throws shadows it is so bright!)


I also noticed that the font on the front page of the website looked a bit odd and out of place - must have pasted it in from some other software - so it had a Times font. Have changed it to Arial to match the rest.

I know, I know - probably of interest only to myself - but Julie pays attention to lots of little details in the cottage - the least I can do is try to do the same for the website. Toby :-)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Flying Visit

We managed to get a couple of days at the cottage, just to check it out. I got a couple of long autumnal walks in. Going up the hill, then left, takes you to the Forestry Commission (passing through a farmyard) and from there you have wonderful views down the river valley.

A rainbow over the Nature Reserve - where the river flows smoothly

Looking back from the nature reserve, down by the flat bit of the river (far distance in hill view picture), we saw a rainbow...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The view from the cottage

Sit outside on the bench, and just enjoy the view, the sunshine, and the sight and sounds of a wide variety of wild birds - accompanied by the tranquil farmyard sounds of roosters, sheep and dogs barking, off in the distance.
The view from the living room window

Ty Cariad looks straight out over the valley towards the highest point on the far side - Craig y Fran (Crow's Rock).

From the bench at the front of the house, from the living room, and from both bedrooms, this is the view.

the lush summer viewThe scenery is always changing, from sunny times to the striking sight of looming clouds, and in the autumn the peak may even be almost hidden behind low clouds, like a chinese painting. The view from the guest bedroom
A view over the valley in February

In winter you may see it covered in snow. And any time you can see Red Kites and buzzards soaring over the valley... and even as you drive through the gate, nature can welcome you with a surprise...
The view from the yard

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Carnival in Pontrhydygroes

I notice on the village's community web page that Carnival happens on 11th July 09.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Website updates

This blog contains material waiting to get built into the main Ty Cariad website.


Photos of the cottage can be seen in this Facebook Album. (Facebook members only)

Online maps for Walks

We recently came across some more material on local walks, in PDF format (click on link to open, or download).

Spirit of the Miners walks

Pontrhydygroes-Pontrhydfendigaid (13k /8 miles - 4 hours)

Devil's Bridge - Pontrhydygroes (10k / 6 miles - 3 hours)

These and other routes can be found on this page from Ceredigion Council:

Walking in Ceredigion

Monday, 18 May 2009

Some glimpses inside

The cottage has been improved throughout, with loving care and attention to detail.

Ty Cariad kitchen

More photos of the interior will be added to the website shortly, but here is a quick preview.

ty cariad main bedroom Here's the main bedroom, with a four poster bed and wonderful views. The guest bedroom has a double and a single bed, so the cottage can sleep up to 5 people.
Ty Cariad oak porch
The exterior of the house has been completely reworked, with this splendid oak porch as the latest addition.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Everything seems so new!

We have published the first couple of pages of the Ty Cariad website, but have several more pages to add, with pictures of the interior, etc.

It might seem excessive to have a blog as well as a website, but this is an easier place to offer quick updates, changes, and other announcements.

The cottage is about to become available to rent for holidays, and we welcome enquiries.

Currently, the easiest way to contact us is through, but we will add some phone numbers as well, soon.

Julie has spent a year and a half working on her Grand Design for the place, and we hope you will love the transformation. Apart from upgrading the infrastructure, with wireless internet, dishwasher, etc - she has lavished time, money and creativity on tiling, a new porch, furniture and fittings. It looks amazing.
Dandy waiting patiently for a walk in Maenarthur Woods - Coed Maenarthur

We are pet friendly, and Dandy is only sorry he won't be there to greet your dog(s)...