Saturday, 30 January 2010

Local news and weather

The Pontrhydygroes Commmunity Web Site doesn't seem to get updated very often, but it contains someuseful information.

We have already mentioned that the mobile phone coverage is very limited in the area, and although I have occasionally got a freak Vodafone connection up on the hills, the main coverage comes from Orange. Even so, down in the valley you will get no signal, more than likely.
This phone coverage map might give you an idea...

In addition to the weather station that I have linked to on the website, the Community site offers this Ystwyth weather station (not sure exactly where it is located) - which you might find interesting or useful.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cold weather for birds

The snow has carried on, and birds of all kinds are highly visible around the feeder, and exploring around the gutters of the house.

You can just watch Red Kites from the fireside, they have been so close to the garden. Beautiful and bright against the snow. Stunning aerial displays.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Fun

We have come up for a winter break, and we met ice on the hill when we arrived. Couldn't make it around that final, steep, hairpin bend until a kind neighbour took his wheelbarrow up to a salt and grit bin at the top of the hill, then skidded back down with it. The one on the corner was already empty.

But we made it. This morning the world is covered with snow, much to the bemusement of the dog.

As I looked out the window a red kite came in to land on one of the nearby trees, when I crunched out to see if I could get a better shot it didn't like being looked at, and took off...that is how close they come!