Thursday, 14 May 2009

Everything seems so new!

We have published the first couple of pages of the Ty Cariad website, but have several more pages to add, with pictures of the interior, etc.

It might seem excessive to have a blog as well as a website, but this is an easier place to offer quick updates, changes, and other announcements.

The cottage is about to become available to rent for holidays, and we welcome enquiries.

Currently, the easiest way to contact us is through, but we will add some phone numbers as well, soon.

Julie has spent a year and a half working on her Grand Design for the place, and we hope you will love the transformation. Apart from upgrading the infrastructure, with wireless internet, dishwasher, etc - she has lavished time, money and creativity on tiling, a new porch, furniture and fittings. It looks amazing.
Dandy waiting patiently for a walk in Maenarthur Woods - Coed Maenarthur

We are pet friendly, and Dandy is only sorry he won't be there to greet your dog(s)...

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