Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The view from the cottage

Sit outside on the bench, and just enjoy the view, the sunshine, and the sight and sounds of a wide variety of wild birds - accompanied by the tranquil farmyard sounds of roosters, sheep and dogs barking, off in the distance.
The view from the living room window

Ty Cariad looks straight out over the valley towards the highest point on the far side - Craig y Fran (Crow's Rock).

From the bench at the front of the house, from the living room, and from both bedrooms, this is the view.

the lush summer viewThe scenery is always changing, from sunny times to the striking sight of looming clouds, and in the autumn the peak may even be almost hidden behind low clouds, like a chinese painting. The view from the guest bedroom
A view over the valley in February

In winter you may see it covered in snow. And any time you can see Red Kites and buzzards soaring over the valley... and even as you drive through the gate, nature can welcome you with a surprise...
The view from the yard

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