Monday, 14 February 2011

Golden Eagle in the village

This month there is (unbelievably - they haven't lived in Wales for 200 years) a Golden Eagle being spotted not just in the neighbourhood - Ceredigion - but specifically in Pont-Rhyd-Y-Groes! Wonderful images from 'Irie'.

We don't have the full story yet, but it may be an escaped bird.

Here's the BBC story.

Keep an eye on reports at Ceredigion Birds.

Wow - I wish I was at the cottage to catch a glimpse of that!

I just found this website with an image to give you the sense of scale - this is a Red Kite with the juvenile Golden Eagle!

For more detail about identifying Eagles, sighting reported, etc - try the Bird Guides here.

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  1. Amazing!!! and very beautiful. If I were a Golden Eagle, I'd certainly want to call that home.